20 years of institutional activity

SIF Banat-Crișana has celebrated the 20th anniversary of institutional activity on the 23rd of October, by officially opening the trading session of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) by the representatives of SIF Banat-Crișana: Ioan Cuzman, chairman and CEO, Dragoș George Bîlteanu – vice-chairman and Carmen Dumitrescu, deputy general director.

With a large attendance, the event brought together representatives of the Budget-Finance Commission from the Chamber of Deputies, the Romanian National Securities Commission (RNSC), SIF Banat-Crișana and BSE, Central Depository, Bucharest Clearing House, brokers, bankers, analysts, auditors, mass-media.

The event offered the opportunity to review the milestones in the existence of Private Ownership Fund 1 and later SIF Banat-Crișana. Speeches were delivered by: Ioan Cuzman, chairman – CEO, Carmen Dumitrescu, deputy general director of SIF Banat-Crișana. Lóránd István Králik, commissioner RNSC, Adrian Nițu, vice-president of Budget-Finance Commission from the Chamber of Deputies, Professor PhD Gabriela Anghelache, Lucian Anghel, president of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Cristian Agalopol, president and Adriana Tănăsoiu, general manager of Central Depository, Florian Goldstein, general manager of the newspaper Bursa, the discussions being moderated by Victor Cionga, general manager of BSE.

“The 20th anniversary of SIF Banat-Crișana’s institutional activity proves the viability of this institution which has been a promoter of the Romanian capital market. We have developed for 20 years because we’ve had vision. We have established out strategy and we followed it, always adapting to the environment and challenges, but focusing to boost SIF1 performances”, said Ioan Cuzman, chairman and CEO of SIF Banat-Crișana.

Lucian Anghel, president of BSE, wanted to congratulate SIF Banat-Crișana”for the 20 years of continuous activity. We hope to see all the major companies where SIF1 is the main shareholder listed as soon as possible, and we also hope that you will support us in promoting the corporate governance principles among them, so that we will work together in increasing the transparency and developing the Romanian capital market.”

On the 23rd of October, SIF Banat-Crișana celebrated at the Bucharest Stock Exchange 20 years since its establishment and in early November the company also celebrates 13 years since its listing on the stock exchange.

20th anniversary, opening bell at Bucharest Stock Exchange

photos: Sebastian Moise