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Lion Capital (the new corporate name starting March 24, 2023, of Societatea de Investiții Financiare Banat-Crișana) is a Romanian legal entity, established as a joint-stock company, being one of the main actors of the capital market in Romania, with over 30 years of activity and expertise in financial asset management.

Lion Capital has been authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AFIM) since March 2018, and since July 2021, ASF has also authorized the company as a closed, diversified Alternative Investment Fund, addressed to retail investors (AIFRI).

Lion Capital’s investment strategy aims to maximize the portfolio performance over the long term, with the goal of increasing the value of the assets under management and investment income. The tailored approach for each holding aims to ultimately obtain an aggregate return, consisting of both dividend income and capital gain.

Lion Capital’s investment objective is to efficiently manage a diversified portfolio of quality assets, able to provide a constant flow of income, the preservation and medium-long term growth of capital, with the aim of increasing shareholder value and obtaining the highest possible returns on invested capital.

Latest news and events

August 31, 2023
Financial Results as of June 30, 2023

Lion Capital’s activity during the first half of 2023 has aligned with the directions outlined in the business plan approved by the shareholders. The primary investment objectives focused on maintaining a diversified portfolio of assets under

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May 15, 2023
First trading session for Lion Capital under LION stock symbol

Starting on May 15, 2023, Lion Capital shares are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the stock symbol LION. Lion Capital, which has been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange for over 20 years, had on May 15, 2023, its first trading session under

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May 15, 2023
Financial Results as of March 31, 2023

The management of the asset portfolio during Q1 2023 took place amidst a complex and uncertain investment climate, having to deal with successive interest rates increases and high volatility in the capital markets, requiring a prudent and adaptive approach to

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February 28, 2023
Preliminary financial results for 2022

SIF Banat-Crișana concludes the year 2022 with a solid financial position and a net profit exceeding the level approved by the income and expenses budget, despite the volatile and unpredictable macroeconomic conditions. The value of SIF Banat‐Crișana’s

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February 10, 2023
Public Tender Offer

The documents for the Public Tender Offer to be carried out between February 16, 2023 – March 1, 2023, for 1,870,000 shares issued by SIF Banat-Crișana (0.3685% of the share capital), for a price of RON 2.52 / share, are available in Continuous

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August 31, 2022
Financial Results as of June 30, 2022

SIF Banat-Crișana’s results for H1 2022 are under the sign of the current difficult investment context, the dividend income recorded by the company (RON 127m) being impacted at the level of the net result by the gain/loss on investments position, which

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July 11, 2022
Payment of Dividends for 2021

SIF Banat-Crișana informs the shareholders on the start of payment of the dividends for 2021, as per the Resolution no. 4 of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of April 28, 2022. The methods and terms of dividend payment are presented in the

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May 16, 2022
Financial Results as of March 31, 2022

The results of SIF Banat-Crișana for the first three months of 2022 are impacted on one hand by the current extremely difficult investment context and on the other hand by the specifics of the first quarter of the year, in which recurring revenues are

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July 05, 2021
SIF Banat-Crișana authorized as AIFRI

The Financial Supervisory Authority has issued the Authorization no. 130 of July 1, 2021, authorizing SIF Banat-Crișana as an Alternative Investment Fund addressed to Retail Investors (AIFRI) having as depositary bank Banca Comercială Română (BCR) S.A. By

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December 20, 2019
The establishment of a new branch office in Bucharest

The Board of Directors of SIF Banat-Crișana decided, in the meeting held on December 19, 2019, upon the establishment of a new branch office of SIF Banat-Crișana in Bucharest, with the name: “SIF Banat-Crișana SA Arad – Bucharest-Rahmaninov branch”,

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March 09, 2018
Authorization as AIFM

SIF Banat-Crișana informs the investors that the course of Company’s authorization by the Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF) as Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), as well as the authorization of persons holding the key functions of risk

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