SIF Banat-Crișana informs the investors that the Report for the first half of 2018 will be made available to the public starting August 14, 2018, at 08:30 hours, on Company’s website at www.sif1.ro and at Company’s headquarters in Arad, 35A Calea Victoriei.

The half-yearly report was prepared pursuant to the provisions of Law no. 24/2017, the CNVM/ASF Regulations no. 5/2018 and no. 15/2004 and ASF Norm no. 39/2015.

Note that the financial statements as at June 30, 2018 are not audited by the financial auditor of the company.

Further information can be obtained from Investor Relations Office, tel: +40257 304 446 / +40257 250 165, e-mail: investitori@sif1.ro.