Shareholders register

The records of the shares and shareholders of SIF Banat-Crișana is kept by  SC Depozitarul Central S.A. Bucharest.

SIF Banat-Crișana’s shareholders should contact Depozitarul Central for the following services:

issuance of account statement and list with confidential codes;
issuance of account history and summary of account positions;
change of identification data (name/company name, address);
to perform direct transfers for the cause of death (inheritances);
to perform direct transfers between relatives and in-laws.

Requests should be submitted directly to Depozitarul Central, with the headquarters in Bucharest, 34 – 36 Carol I Blvd., sector 2, postal code 020922 or, in some cases, Participants (brokerage houses, custodian banks) which provide such services.

The List of participants and services provided is available on Depozitarul Central website: